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About Us


2011/12 has been a landmark year for BYM with key achievements and acquisition. BYM has been supporting local regeneration projects for the last 10 years and despite the misconception of ‘Privatisation’, local development (when planned well) actually brings in key financial support for local groups, it enhances the profile of the community and joins the private, charity and statutory sectors in a common aim.

As a result of the years of campaigning BYM have now acquired a new, purpose built and state-of-the-art community building on the Berner Estate, which replaces the current Berner Centre. The centre boasts a community kitchen, office spaces, games room, relaxation area, DDA compliant showers and toilets, seminar hall, IT suite and meeting room. The new development which is understood to be a partnership between BYM and Tower Hamlets Council will bring improvement on the quality and variety of services that BYM offer and create new services for the growing needs of the Whitechapel and neighbouring wards. We are currently consulting with residents, businesses and young people to see how best we can support local and borough-wide needs.


BYM have been working across communities both in and beyond Tower Hamlets for over 3 decades. During 2002 BYM was the pioneer organisation to work closely with LBTH Council, Cityside Regeneration Company (under SRB5/LDA grants) and Shadwell Connecting Communities to secure a local community asset and £1.2 million for renovation. The vision is to empower charity organisations to access and provide services for local residents and small businesses paying am affordable rent.


More recently, BYM’s Women’s Centre of Excellence at the Whitechapel Centre has now been refurbished. The building has been upgraded and spaces have been made available for new start up companies. The building now has a lift and reception area and CCTV making it safe and more streamlined to a modern business environment. The Women’s Centre of Excellence is now firmly recognised as one of the best environments for young women to progress and excel in education, spirituality and personal development. The work aims to strengthen women’s role and perception in society and create innovative leaders. We have now built strong working partnerships Tower Hamlets College, Tower Hamlets Council, Primary Care Trust, Secondary Schools, Businesses and other local and national charities. Finally I would like to thank the BYM Staff, Management Committee for their hard work to the community for the past years.

What makes BYM so distinctive is that the management and the service users all come from the same local community. Our clients are intimately linked with us and all of the management and staff has sometime in their lives benefitted from the organisation. It is our service to our community that has sustained us over nearly 35 years. That is a magnificent achievement and I can’t think of any ethnic minority organization that has such a proud record in Tower Hamlets. We constantly respond to the advice and criticism of our clients in improving the quality of our services. They remain our best friends and critics.

In a rapidly changing world we have to sharpen our governance structure, improve our capacity and honeour professionalism within the context of being embedded within the local community. All our actions must refer back to the people we serve and that link must be paramount in all that we attempt to accomplish in the future. We have strived to embrace the new and break barriers in initiating a joint residential. We have been sensitive to cultural issues but have never shied away from confronting difficult themes. Parents of our participants and the wider community always sustained us and kept us on our toes by their detailed and pertinent criticisms and regular feedback.

D ue to Recession and Funding Cuts, it is very difficult by Third Sector organisation to continue and provide services to local community, however the range of services we have provided is a credit to all our staff, volunteer’s and it is to their hard work and perseverance that we owe much of our success over the years. In the difficult days ahead they along with the Management Committee and our legion of well wishers will inspire us to perform better. Finally I would like to thank to all our funders, staff, volunteers, management commitee members for thier support and hard work during past year.

                                   Our Aims and Objectives

  • To organise educational, social, recreational, religious activities of a non party political nature, for the benet of young people in particular, as well as the community at large, throughout the Tower Hamlets boundary and to provide facilities for such activities.
  • To promote training and employment activities.
  • To provide welfare rights/ advice/ information services.
  • To deal with housing, press and the media.
  • To provide educational activities and training for women and young girls.
  • To build strong links with the bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi organisations through Tower Hamlets and greater London.
  • To organise activities to contribute towards the realisation of harmonious race relations and actively ght against all forms of racism.
  • To get involved in any matters concerning the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets.
  • Berner Youth Festival, An annual Multicultural festival that brings people from all walks of life together to celebrate race and faith harmony.