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Berner Youth Festival





This is a key annual event in BYM’s yearly calendar. 2011 marked the 27th year the BMCF was first introduced in 1984 and remains the same, which is to establish an eventful day celebrating the multicultural community that we live within.

Almost entirely, all the work that is implemented into the festival is carried out bylocal residents giving their time and expertise on a voluntary capacity from planning application to stewarding and cleaning on the day. This is one the main factors why local people have been able to enjoy BMCF for the past eighteen years.

This year’s festival comprised of:

  • Live Music
  • Funfair
  • Stalls
  • Award Ceremony
  • Cram Board / Tug of war Competition
  • Exhibition – East end history
  • Exhibition – Cultural display
  • Fashion Show
  • Football Tournament

The festivals is a lively community event, this year it attracted approximately 5000
people of all ages, both gender and a range of ethnicities from the constituency.
This day long festivals enhances radical tolerance and harmony within the multi
racial and multi cultural communities in East London