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On every Sunday London school of Excellence runs BYM Study support programme from our Centre to assist students in preparing for their GCSE and AS/A level examinations. On average 40 to 45 individuals attended classes under the supervision of qualied teachers and mentors. The passed rate has consistently averaged 100% for GCSE in English, Science and Math’s and 99% for AS/A level. Additionally the project advises parents and guardians on the dierent career options for their children and helps them to make informed decisions.



This project is about establishing a supplementary school to help young people with the core subjects studied at school. The project will encourage educational development and self motivated study in order to achieve high grades in A’ Level, GCSE’s and SAT’s. It divert young people away form anti-social behaviour and negative inuences that young people often get into.

The project is ambitious in sense that it is providing educational support to student at all levels. The demand for the school has meant that we are catering for student at Primary, Secondary and A Level standard. We are currently operating at a capacity of 250 student and 15 regular teachers, with the option to call in 4 reserve teachers during period of intensive study weekends. This creates an average ratio of 1 teacher to every 8 student.

Many of the young people have expressed a sense of increased condence in the subjects covered since our rst intake of students. They are nding it easier to manage their own study time at home and are balancing this with enriching recreational activities. The teachers in the school have noticed a signicant change in their attitude toward learning in the class room. The student are respecting the right for everyone to learn together and are engaging with each other in constructive dialogues relating to the subjects being studied.

We have strong links with the local schools in which our student are enrolled. We have a strong link with Stepney Green School and this is where most of our student are form. We have several meeting with the Head of Department form the local school, and formulated a strategy through which we can indentify potential students who will benet and progress most from supplementary school.

They currently run study support for the following groups:
Saturday 10am – 3pm A’Level
Saturday 3pm – 8pm Year 8 – 10
Sunday 10am – 2pm primary & yr 7
Sunday 3pm – 8pm Year 11

Around 140 local young people regularly attend in supplementary school. Education is a signicant priority for us therefore we have established this partnership to ensure that local young people benefit.