Bangladeshi Youth Movement | Debts & Financial Project

Debts & Financial Project



During this hardship of the nancial cuts BYM has been successfully secured a three years grant to run a new project called Debts & Financial Advice Project since December 2010.

Purpose of this project is to provide and run a comprehensive advice, coaching and support service relating to recession led Debts nancial issues to member of the Bangladeshi community & others.

Over the years this project has been delivered more than 500 customers from all gender and age including under 25 have been beneted from this project. This project has also been recruited and trained number of volunteers to assist this services.

This project has been produced a great deal of outcome such as: freeze interest and charges, tailor made monthly aordable payments, dealing with creditors, mortgage, credit cards, loan. Through the year we have found this kind of free service is very demanding and it has been truly helped customers.

More than 1800 people have benefited from this project during the year. BYM needs future funding for this successful project to continue.