Bangladeshi Youth Movement | Women welfare Section

Women welfare Section



BYM has recognised that woman have specialised requirement and have gained small funding for opening a woman section to help woman.

Due to change of social security benefits, legislation and increased unemployment, our client have experienced greater diculties with long and complex application forms the new benet: diculties often compounded by language problems.

We have part time bi-lingual (Sylheti speaking) advice worker to help /advice / counsel woman particularly in matters of welfare rights, benefits, housing, domestic violence, health, education and general advice information.

BYM is a proud to conrm its ability to engage young people & adults in to volunteering work which could lead to employment, experience into youth work, advice work and community works or for self development in other careers aspects.

BYM offers within its organisation many positions which young people can consider as voluntary on hand community experience. These positions are supervised or supported by each site manager. Following positions are currently offered to them.

During the year, 1500 benefited from the women welfare and advice services



Rahela Sultana: Graduate in Constructed textile and Art History – Wanting to divert career in community work. She is providing (part voluntary, part paid) youth work and Advice work at BYM. Whilst at BYM, Rahela have undertaken few youth work related course, which she completed and as a result acquired part time employment in the council’s children’s services department. Rahela now has two part-time youth work jobs and continues to provide volunteering service at the BYM woman’s centre.